5 Gift Ideas for Military Wives, Girlfriends & Moms This Christmas

If you’re serving in the military, you know what it feels like to have your loved ones waiting and worrying for you. While the best gift you can give them is you coming back home safe and sound, there’s nothing wrong with giving the people who worry about you some small keepsakes for them to hold while you’re away. Here are some gift ideas you can give to your military wife, girlfriend, and mother.

  1. 1.The Rock Mom Heart Necklace
  2. Mothers come first. To the person who have raised you since you were barely a human, give them this beautiful necklace. It has a beautiful design of two hearts linked together, a symbolism that says even if the two of you are apart, you always carry each other in your hearts. The box comes with a beautiful message, showing your gratefulness for your rock mom who have always been strong and unyielding for her family.
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If the first gift is for your mother who has raised you all your life, this second gift is for your wife who is waiting for you at home. Whether your wife is miles away from you because of your deployment or if she has moved states to be with you near your base, she’s constantly waiting for you to come home. This Love Knot Necklace represents an unbreakable bond between two souls, telling her she’ll always be your home. The box also contains a romantic message that will hopefully make your wife smile when she misses you and help appease some of her worries.

  1. 4.Army Girlfriend Gift, Military Girlfriend Modern Necklace Gift, Romantic Sentimental Jewelry Gift For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

Wives aren’t the only ones having a tough time because their other half is far away in some military camp. Even without the marriage registry, girlfriends find it just as hard. If you’re in the army and you’ve got a girlfriend waiting for you, show her how thankful you are with this beautiful necklace. With a simple ribbon design, it’s gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear. While the message in this box isn’t as emotional as the mom and wife necklaces, it is definitely sweet and gets the message across that you love her.

  1. 5.Metal Yard Art, Outdoor Art Wall Decor, Laser Cut Metal Art

Now on to the less sentimental and more universal gifts. While the previous gifts are aimed at specific people, you can gift this to anyone. Give it to your mom/wife/girlfriend so they can proudly show visitors that their son/husband/boyfriend serves the country. You can also display it in your own home as a token of military pride.

  1. 6.Soldier Monogram - Steel Sign

This last gift idea certainly has more quirk to it. If you’re not into gifts that are on the sentimental side, this steel sign is your best choice. With a monogram of four soldiers, it also makes a great gift for your fellow soldiers. However, if you want to give it to your mother or partner and find that the text doesn’t fit, you can customize the text written. There’s also a personalization preview on the website so you can see exactly how the product is going to turn out even if you customize it.