5 Unique Gifts for Thanksgiving

5 Unique Gifts for Thanksgiving

If there is any day in the year that’s perfect for expressing your gratitude towards people around you, it’s thanksgiving. Whether you’re looking to buy them a gift because they’re hosting a thanksgiving dinner or simply because you want to, these special, personalized gifts are a perfect way of showing them you’re really really thankful for their existence.


  1. Personalized Engraved Watch, Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday Gift | Customize Message on Back


Watches are one of the most popular gifts for a reason. Universal, elegant, but still useful, you can gift it to anybody. With this particular watch, you can make it even more special by customizing an engraved message. Be it a beautiful quote, their name, your anniversary date, or even an inside joke between the two of you, they will certainly remember you every time they put on the watch.


2. Personalized Photo Upload Necklace, Custom Engraved Necklace


Another simple but personal gift you can give to anyone you love is a photo insertable necklace. You can give it with a photo already inserted, for example a photo of the two of you, someone that the gift receiver loves, or even a photo of you alone if you want to be cheeky. And of course, you can also give it with no photo inside so they can choose which photo they would like to insert themself. If you want to make it even more personal, the backside of the pendant is customizable, and you can request for it to be engraved. The necklace comes in silver and gold, therefore you can choose the color according to your loved one’s complexion.


3. Customized Bangle Bracelet, Personalized Engraved Bracelet for Women


If the person you’re giving the gift to doesn’t like wearing necklaces, this bracelet is a great alternative. It has all the qualities that the photo upload necklace has but has a more lowkey feel, perfect for your loved ones who aren’t really into wearing accessories. Just like the photo upload necklace, this bracelet is also customizable and comes in both silver and gold.


4. Personalized Nurse/Doctor Gift, LPN, RN, CNA Gifts - Metal Wall/Garden/Farm Custom Steel Sign


Going to a Thanksgiving party where the host is a medical worker? You can give them this metal wall sign. The medical symbol, complete with their name customized on top, will let everyone in the house know the house is owned by a miracle worker. This gift is also perfect if you want to thank a doctor or a nurse who treated you before.


5. Special Ed Teacher Gift, Autism Teacher Gift, Special Needs Teacher Thank You Gift Necklace

If you have a kid with special needs, thanksgiving is a good day as any to thank your child’s teacher. Special needs teachers are some of the most selfless, loving people, but unfortunately they’re not appreciated enough because not everybody needs their service. Honor them for their hard work by gifting them this beautiful thank you necklace, specially made for special ed teachers. With a customized message written in the box, hopefully this gift will remind the teacher that they are doing a truly amazing work.